Welcome to the pci smart building experience

Let your imagination run free!  Our smart building experience is tailored to capture your wish list and make it a reality.  Automated blinds on the windows, motion sensors in your exterior perimeter, utility controls on your tablet, access controls on your smart watch and so much more.  We can show you how to unlock the power of the latest technology and place the power of automation in your home and your business into the palm of your hand.  Literally.

Tell us what's on your wish list.  Consultations are FREE and the end result is AWESOME! 


Home Electronics
Monitoring Room

All Inspection Types

Home Inspection

Buyer Inspection

Seller Inspection

Sewer Inspection

Mold Inspection

Roof Inspection

Foundation Inspection

Asbestos Inspection

Water Quality Testing

Structural Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

Termite Inspection

Pest Inspection

Lead Based Paint

Lead Based Paint Inspection

Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment

Elevated Levels of Blood Investigation

Repairs, Renovations and Repair

Detroit Rental Registration

Lead Testing

Water Quality Traces of Lead Testing

Multi Family Lead Paint Testing

Water Testing

Drinking Water Lead Test

Lead and Copper Testing

Lead, Copper, Iron Testing

Heavy Metals Testing

Water Turbidity Testing

Drinking Well Water Testing

Drinking Water Bacteria Testing

Asbestos Inspection & Abatement

Pre Demolition Asbestos Inspection

AHERA Asbestos Inspection

AHERA Compliance Review

Multi Family Asbestos Inspection

Thermal System Insulation Inspection

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